Time and again we encounter businesses with the same problem…

They have tried to adopt cloud technology without proper process, thinking through the implications of change and the challenges they are facing as a whole.

Most recently we have had a client who wanted to move to the cloud, they had asked around and decided on the App stack, Shopify, TradeGecko and Xero. A great combination for a retail business, however the web designer who won the shopify set up failed to consider the fact that much of the business income came from wholesale.

There were no consultations with the Accounts team, and when there were they were brief and incomplete. This organisation then had to seek additional help to connect TradeGecko and Xero, to get training in both with respect to all the back end processes.  Even some functions like payment gateways that are customer facing were not set up and complete.

The business had to create work arounds for their wholesale business, even some of the fundamental inventory management concepts were ignored. All of this could have been avoided if the business had not forgotten about their Back End!  They were keen to create a brilliantly designed website and they definitely achieved that but they created some challenges along the way.

The lessons learned from situations like this…

1. Seek an expert who understands the whole business
2. Ensure the selected App Stack suits the business needs
3. Make sure your consultant can provide training in the Apps selected.

With App adoption becoming more common. these circumstances occur more regularly, for us its so much easier at the outset to create systems that work for every aspect of the business rather than solving one problem and creating another (potentially bigger more critical one!) the key, is a complete review, asking questions to get the necessary answers, and explaining where there are limitations and identifying potential gaps so that the business can make an informed decision.

If you have started to implement cloud solutions and have some questions, we are here to offer advise and assistance in set up and training.